Ghostly Flicker 


Ghostly Flicker 

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omg it’s so fucking cute 

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Diablo III  +  Female Classes 

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Alpstein Mountains in the morning Alpglow, Switzerland;

Dominik Baer

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Daliah Ammar

"Remember to Forget"

Oil on Canvas

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~Chapel of Light~

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The Dark Crystal (1982).

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Witch Doctor by adlovett
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Minimalistic poster with slogans of all Nirn’s races

© Avian81

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19-Year-Old Artist Savannah Burgess Spent Her Summer Drawing This Epic Chinese Zodiac Poster

on Facebook,(savannahrcb) on deviantART,  Etsy

While we were spending our summer drenched in pools of our own sweat, 19-year-old Atlanta-based Artist Savannah Burgess was hard at work creating a masterpiece. She spent a good chunk of her summer creating an epic drawing of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

The best part is, Burgess uploaded images following her progress as she worked on this 30” x 44” (76cm x 1.1m) drawing. Each picture highlights a different animal in the composition, which comes together into one epic art pieces.

Burgess is selling both digital prints and limited-edition full-sized prints of her drawing, so if you want to support this young artist, check out her Etsy!

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